Berger Denounces Union PR Gimmick to Boost Membership, Inflate Executive Salaries

Nov 4, 2013
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NCAE media stunt jeopardizes student safety for selfish gain

Raleigh, N.C. – The NCAE, the North Carolina affiliate of the national teachers’ union, is spearheading a political protest during instructional time at public schools across the state Monday, encouraging crowds of protesters to enter schools as soon as the morning bell rings.

And at least one North Carolina elementary school solicited volunteers over the internet to babysit students so teachers could participate in a one hour strike. Anyone could sign up, regardless of their training, background or relationship to students at the school. Even someone claiming to be Sir Isaac Newton signed up to watch a class of third grade students. 

The NCAE published a “toolkit” for protesters that affirmed “the desire, and right, of educators to use tactics like a walk-out or strike” – a clear violation of North Carolina law.  After parents took their concerns to legislators and the press, the union denied its support for strikes and removed the toolkit from its website.

These extreme tactics are the union’s latest efforts to boost its declining membership and use teachers’ dues to bankroll six-figure salaries for its employees – some of whom make more than seven times the salary of the entry-level teachers they claim to advocate for.

Below is a statement from Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham):

“We appreciate the overwhelming majority of our teachers whose hard work and commitment are vital to the success of our children. And we appreciate the right of North Carolinians to exercise their first amendment rights, and welcome a productive dialogue. 

“But we don’t appreciate the bully tactics of an organized union that puts kids’ safety at risk to gin up its membership and inflate the salaries of its executives. There is a time and place for everything – our schools are not the place for politics and our children should not be the pawns.”
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